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City Highlights Series: Lexington, MI

By Thumb Home Inspection

Home Inspection Lexington MI

A Glimpse into the Rich Heritage of Lexington, Michigan

Origins of Lexington

Lexington, colloquially termed "The First Resort North", proudly stands as a testament to Michigan's history since its foundation in 1835. Initially christened as 'Greenbush', the town saw a transformation in nomenclature by 1845, paying tribute to Lexington, Massachusetts.

Economic Evolution in Early Lexington

In its formative years and the subsequent decades of the 20th century, Lexington's economy thrived primarily on three pillars: agriculture, commercial fishing, and the burgeoning tourism sector.

Geographical Splendor of Lexington, Michigan

Located strategically on Lake Huron's serene shores, the quaint village of Lexington nestles within the confines of Sanilac County. Known widely for its enchanting beaches, Lexington offers breathtaking views of Lake Huron. With a modest expanse of 1.41 square miles, Lexington's positioning is approximately 20 miles to the north of Port Huron.

Architectural Diversity & The Imperative of Home Inspections by Thumb Home Inspection

Housing in Lexington presents an eclectic mix, ranging from historical residences to modern architectural marvels. Lexington's diverse offerings include traditional beach houses, state-of-the-art contemporary homes, and structures of historical significance.

For those intrigued by the town's historic residences, it becomes paramount to integrate asbestos and lead examinations as part of their home inspection regime. Modern structures, on the other hand, emphasize the importance of mold and radon evaluations during such inspections.

Given Lexington's multifaceted history, properties in the area present distinct inspection challenges. It's crucial for a home inspector to possess comprehensive knowledge about the diverse range of structures in Lexington.

Holistic Home Inspections with Thumb Home Inspection

When engaging in home inspections, the adept team from Thumb Home Inspection ensures meticulous checks for potential issues, including mold, radon, water quality, sewer lines, lead, asbestos, and even specific concerns like pool/spa integrity. The vast checklist also comprises structural engineering aspects, roofing, plumbing, electrical frameworks, foundations, well water, and septic systems, among others.

However, not all properties demand such extensive scrutiny. The team at Thumb Home Inspection adopts a tailored approach, recommending and conducting inspections as per individual property requisites. Whether it's a beachfront property in Lexington or a relic from the past, our home inspectors are proficiently equipped to undertake thorough home assessments.


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