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What is the average cost of a Home Inspection in Michigan?

By Ryan Martin - Thumb Home Inspection

The average cost for a Home Inspection in Michigan is $300-$500. While at first glance it can seem costly, you have to remember a good Home Inspection can save the home owner thousands of dollars. You can use the inspection to help negotiate purchasing and closing costs or to decide if the purchase of the particular home is the right fit for you.

While there are multiple factors to keep in mind I suggest asking your inspector a few important questions.

Does your home inspector have Insurance?

Any reputable Home Inspection company or Home Inspector will carry a good E&O insurance policy. This is a very major issue and should never be overlooked. If for any reason something was overlooked in the inspection the insurance offers protection for the home buyer as well as the inspector themselves.

How many years has your Home Inspector been in the business?

Experience definitely matters when choosing a Home Inspector. Ask your Home Inspector if they have been in the construction trade or inspection business for a long time. This can add value to an inspection because good advice can be given on how to fix problems and how to stop and recognize problems before they occur. This in turn can save Home Owners quite a bit of money over the years. A good Home Inspector with experience will give you an education on how to maintain and the upkeep of your new home as well as finding any problems in the home.

How long does the inspection take?

A thorough inspection usually takes at least 3 hours. If your inspection takes less than this, you may want to question the quality of the work. While technology helps aid the inspector it is not a replacement for a thorough job. Even experience isn’t a replacement for less time of a Home Inspection. The bottom line is it takes time to do a good job. Plain and simple.

What does the inspection include?

A Home Inspection should be exactly what is in the name. The whole entire house should be inspected from top to bottom. Too often I see Home Buyers baited by what appears to be a low upfront cost, but then the hidden fees come into play. A Home Inspection should always include the attic, crawlspace or basement. These areas should never be extra. If this is happening when you are choosing a Home inspector or Home Inspection company it should be red flag for you.

All of these things should be taken into consideration. If one of these areas are lacking, you might want to keep shopping around for a company or Home Inspector that will give you more bang for your buck! An accumulation of all these things will ensure the Home Buyer that they are not being taken advantage of and are receiving the highest standards of work available to them in their area. Remember that it never hurts to ask and your inspector should have a willingness to answer any questions you have.

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