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When to walk away after a home inspection!

St. Clair, MI Home inspection
(Photo by Getty Images)

Every home buyer has different needs and wants. It is important to

communicate these needs with your real estate agent. I cannot tell you if you

should buy the house or not. Only you can decide if the house is right for you. I

am there to simply tell you the condition of the house and how or if its

components are functioning properly.

Every deal will have specific needs from the buyer and the seller. Sometimes my inspection is for peace of mind for the buyer. Whatever the outcome is it will not affect the sale price of the home. Some deals are set up where if my home inspection finds problems the price of the home can be adjusted. These two kinds of deals typically reflect a “seller’s market’ or a “buyer’s market’. There are many different ways to set up a purchase beside these two ways. These are typically discussed with your real estate agent.

Before you even begin to look for a home you should have what you want as a buyer established with your real estate agent. This is the part of the deal you can

control. Other factors will come in later that you will not be able to control. You

may even have to bend on your original expectations to get the deal done.

Let’s talk about some things that cannot be controlled. It is important to have

realistic expectations. Most people have a specific budget in mind when

purchasing a home. This budget will determine what is possible to get out of your

home. You can’t buy a Lamborghini for $100. It is important to remember the

same thing when buying a home. The market will determine how much you can

get and for what amount. The seller will also have certain needs. Sometimes the

seller’s and buyer’s needs will match up. Sometimes one of the parties will have

to bend a little, and sometimes everyone will have to bend a little. Being flexible

when making a deal can be an advantage to you. There is nothing wrong with

setting the bar high as long as you are willing to adjust with the market when

needed or how it is needed. If you don’t see what you want for the price you have

in mind it might not be the right time to purchase a house for you. This should be

determined before you even start to look for a house though. It should not be a

surprise as you and your real estate agent should have discussed the possibilities

at or by this point.

With all of that being said let’s talk about when to walk away after an inspection.

If you for any reason, feel the home or property will not be safe for you and your

family it is always ok to walk away from a deal. This should be your very first

priority. Some things cannot be changed such as geographical features like water.

In Michigan many homes are located by water. This isn’t for everyone. It is always

the first thought as there are many beautiful homes located on the water’s edge.

Sometimes your home inspector will discover mold or other health concerns. If

this situation is bad or certain people living in the home are in the sensitive group,

this could be a health concern. Every buyer will be unique in this aspect. You need

to decide what is right for you and your family. It is important remember home

inspector’s and real estate agent’s cannot give out health advice to you because

we are not qualified to. This is why it is important to use a laboratory that is

certified to do mold testing. Other hazardous materials can be of concern.

Asbestos and lead for example.


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