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City Highlights Series: Bloomfield Hills, MI

By Thumb Home Inspection

Bloomfield Hills, MI Home Inspection

The Rich Tapestry of Bloomfield Hills, MI

Nestled in the heart of Oakland County, Bloomfield Hills holds a remarkable space in Michigan's historical and cultural fabric. As we traverse the intricate layers of its storied past, geographic splendors, and architectural jewels, let’s also shed light on the pivotal role played by companies like Thumb Home Inspection in preserving this rich heritage.

Delving into the Annals of Bloomfield Hills

In the early 19th century, the administrative landscape of Oakland County underwent a pivotal transformation. Among the 25 townships carved out during this period was Bloomfield Township. Initially blossoming as an agrarian hub, the township's vast swathes of farmland bore abundant crops, from the golden wheat and corn to the robust oats and potatoes. It's fascinating to think that these verdant fields, which once echoed with the sounds of pastoral life, would later be home to institutions like the Cranbrook Educational Community. This National Historic Landmark, encompassing a multifaceted realm of education, research, and public museums, underscores the area's commitment to intellectual and cultural pursuits.

Geography: The Nature's Canvas

Bloomfield Hills stretches across a modest yet picturesque 5.04 square miles. Of this, a sprawling 4.96 square miles comprises the verdant land, interspersed with historical residences and punctuated by the shimmering expanse of 0.08 square miles of water bodies. It's a landscape painted with undulating hills, pristine lakes, and dense forests – a testament to nature's bounty. Its geographic tapestry also includes the bustling precincts of Birmingham, with which it shares a vibrant border.

Architectural Spectrum: From Vintage Charm to Modern Elegance

The residential landscape of Bloomfield Hills is a delightful mélange of eras and styles. Whether it's the vintage allure of historic dwellings or the serene vistas offered by lakeside abodes, or even the sleek silhouettes of contemporary structures, the city promises a home for every aesthetic and preference.

For those enticed by the charm of yesteryears, there's a note of caution: historical homes often come with legacy materials like asbestos and lead. Hence, potential buyers or sellers should prioritize asbestos and lead inspections when assessing these properties. Conversely, in the realm of newer constructions, it's vital to be vigilant about modern-day concerns such as radon and mold, necessitating focused inspections.

Home Inspections with Thumb Home Inspection: An Essential Prerequisite

The varied architectural spectrum of Bloomfield Hills, from its iconic landmarks to cozy homes, poses unique challenges and considerations when it comes to property inspections. Entrusting this task to seasoned professionals is paramount.

This is where Thumb Home Inspection makes its indelible mark. With a deep-rooted understanding of the diverse array of buildings, homes, and properties dotting Bloomfield Hills, they ensure comprehensive inspections tailored to each structure's unique needs. Not every property mandates a thorough check for aspects like mold, radon, or structural engineering. However, where these checks are imperative, the team at Thumb Home Inspection, with their meticulous approach, ensures nothing is overlooked. From the bustling heart of downtown Bloomfield Hills to its serene rolling outskirts, they stand as a beacon of trust and expertise.

Whether it's assessing potential water issues, examining sewer lines, evaluating structural components, or checking for pests, Thumb Home Inspection has it covered. Moreover, their expertise isn't just confined to identifying issues. They also provide insights and recommendations, ensuring property owners can make informed decisions.


Bloomfield Hills, with its rich history and diverse architectural styles, is a treasure trove waiting to be explored and preserved. As we admire its beauty and historical significance, it's crucial to ensure its structures, both old and new, are safe and well-maintained. With dedicated experts like those at Thumb Home Inspection, the city's legacy is in safe hands.


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